Contest! The Grand Prize is 100% of the smart solar blinds cost

SolarGaps with funding from the European Commission is holding the contest intending to choose companies for implementing the pilot project on the SolarGaps smart solar blinds installation for commercial buildings.

This project is aimed at adding sustainability to your commercial building whether it is a business center, a hotel, or a bank. The contest winners will have the biggest potential in obtaining maximum economical and ecological benefits from SolarGaps smart solar blinds.

The selection criterias are as following: 

  • The number of sunny hours per year in the region
  • The facing of the building´s facade
  • Technical possibility of installation
  • Correspondence of the building´s characteristics to the Horizon 2020 grant program´s agreement

There will be several winners!!!

1st place
The Grand Prize is 100% of the smart solar blinds cost.

2nd place
The second place price is 50% of the smart solar blinds cost

3rd place
The third place price is a 10% discount on SolarGaps smart blinds 

To become a part of this contest you just need to fill a contact form on our website. Please be sure to put all relevant information:  In the message field, mention that you would you like to become a participant and mention your company location (city and country) and name of enterprise. 


Participation is for free.


To learn more about contest terms&conditions send us a private message or contact through contact form on the website: