10 eco-friendly lifestyle tips for the summer

In the heat of the summer, we have gathered some pieces of advice on how to endure the heat while staying eco and using environmental resources wisely.

  • Ride a bike or a scooter, not a car

Use bikes or electrical personal transportation devices whenever possible. Summer is the perfect time to decrease your carbon emission by using eco-friendly transportation methods. Don’t rush to jump in a car if you have a long journey ahead, but cooperate with others or use public transportation.

  • Drink out of your own bottle, avoid buying bottled water

Did you know that 80% of the plastic bottles we buy are not recycled? These wastes pollute oceans or end up in a landfill. Buy a personal bottle made of eco-friendly plastic and recycle the bottles you have to buy. Don’t forget to wash your water bottle thoroughly with natural detergents such as baking soda and change it when necessary.

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  • Use textile towel instead of paper ones

We have all learned the fact that disposable plastics are harmful for the environment. But what about the paper towels? Unfortunately, disposable paper towels are not recycled and cause water pollution. So good old cotton towel is still the best option if you care about the environment. By the way, If you let it dry in the sun, it will require washing more seldom.

  • Take a cold shower or at least wash your hands with cold water

By taking a cold shower you kill two birds with one stone. You reduce the greenhouse effect and improve your health. If it is too much for you, start with washing your hands with cold or lukewarm water. And don’t forget to use your textile tower afterward. If you are lucky enough to live in a house building a summer shower will make your garden a sustainable paradise.

  • Grow your own vegetables and plants

Talking about the garden, what can be more eco than growing your own fruit and vegetables? By doing so you will reduce CO2 emissions caused by food transportation. And that’s not all. You will avoid chemicals used by farmers, which will improve both your health and make a positive impact on the ecology.

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  • Eat local fruits and veggies

If you are not a landlord or you consider yourself to be a gardener, go shopping to the local eco markets instead of the supermarkets. Reducing food miles protects the environment and enhances local economy. What is more eco-friendly, exotic fruits from the other side of the world or an apple? The answer is obvious.

Summer is the perfect time to go solar if you haven’t done it yet. From roof panels for those who live in a house to smart blinds with solar elements for the city dwellers, green energy is available for all of us. Additionally, our blinds with solar panels will provide effective shading to reduce or even refuse AC usage.

persianas solares SolarGaps para produção de energia

  • Use natural light instead of lamps

Set up your daily routine so that you would require less artificial light. Recent researches show that early to bed early to rise really works. People who wake up early tend to be happier and more successful. Summertime offers us lots of sunny hours, so do not hesitate to take advantage of that, because the sun shines for everyone!

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  • Say yes to eco traveling

When on vacation, request changing your towels and bedsheets more seldom and avoid using disposable toothbrushes and slippers provided by your hotel. Eat local food and refuse from using plastic cups and straws (at all times).

  • Open windows and doors instead of plugging fans and using AC

Create a breeze with open windows. This action will be more effective if you do it in the evening when the temperature begins to decrease. Use external window blinds in the daytime to prevent the sun from to contact your window. For example, SolarGaps. Our blinds will not only shade your room but also generate electricity.

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We are sure you can start using some of these tips straight away. Our planet is already suffering from overheating, let’s start using our resources wisely. Go green and go solar!